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21 September 2005

Six Degree’s of Janey Godley

I am getting loads of very cool invites to all places on the globe and need more! I am thinking it may be good TV idea and have approached the BBC today with the pitch and they are looking at it.

It would involve me going around the world meeting each blogger in each city, meeting their local BIG celebrity and doing a comedy gig at night, then I get the blogger who invited me to that city to tell me who they want to be six degree’s of separation from and I work it out for them or go meet someone who met that person or who is within the six degree’s to complete the circle!

I am well happy with that and hope to get it up and running as soon as possible so keep those invites coming!

On another note, went back to the East End tonight for a quick visit to see an old pal and was rather disappointed to see that prostitutes are getting younger and one girl had a black eye and desperate look on her face as she stumbled out of a punters car.

I hate heroin and everything it makes the addicts do, that young girl is someone’s daughter, she must have had hopes and dreams and I bet when she was 10 she never imagined she would sitting in cars having sex for another hit when she reached 16 (if she is that age).

My daughter meanwhile is living her dream going to University and loving it. I am so very proud and excited for her, I must admit I did laugh tonight when one of the old women from the Calton (East End where I lived for many years) asked me about my daughter “She is at University studying film and screenplay” I told her.
The wee white haired woman’s face crumpled with disgust and she looked me at me with pity and replied “Why is she at University, could she not get a job?”

I smiled and quickly said “Well you know your right, she doesn’t get that education shit off me, I was working since I was 16, and she must get that crap from his side of the family”

So there we have it, I have failed as a mother because my child opted for further education, but I best not be too smug.
My child is in bed dreaming of making her first film.
I am the luckiest, most grateful woman on the planet tonight and I hope we meet so you too can be a degree of separation from the two girls I am praying for tonight, one safe and well and some mother’s girl walking the streets nursing a sore face and trying to sell sex in the cold wet streets of Glasgow. If there is a God she will be safe.

Email me at janey@janeygodley.co.uk and join in with SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, invite me to your town soon…_