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13 September 2005

Six Degree’s of Separation

So husband heard on the radio about six degree’s of separation, I am sure some of you reading this will be familiar with this theory. So I decided to explore who I have met famous and where that leads me in the Six degree’s situation.

So here goes, I have met Lauren Bacall in New York, therefore I have two degree’s of separation with Richard Nixon, Jack Kennedy, Marilynn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and many many more. So I am up in this game, so anyone who contacts or knows me is THREE degree’s of separation from those famous people. Here is a list of all the people I have personally met.

The Queen
Prince (music man! Not Royal!!)
Russell Crowe
Orlando Bloom
Rhys Ifans
Jude Law
Damon Albarn
Ewan McGregor
Nicole Kidman
Rachael Weiz
Sienna Miller
Kevin Spacey
Dean Friedman
Noddy Holder
Nigel Benn
Peter Kay
Arabella Churchill (Churchill’s grand daughter)
Brooke Shields
George Best
Woody Allen
Billy Connolly
Robbie Coltrane
Ken Loach
David Frost
Richard Attenborough
Midge Ure
Wet Wet Wet
Eddie Izzard
Steve Coogan
Margaret Thatcher

I think that is as much as I can think of right now, so how many degrees of separation are you? Let me know who and how many!_