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20 August 2005

Saturday in Edinburgh…

Murder Accusation at End of Blog

Met the lovely Jamie Theakston yesterday and gave him a flyer, he was very tall. After chatting I headed home as I was supposed to be the walk on for Howard Reid’s Show but he forgot and had Demitri Martin there instead, so I headed for home.

Spent the whole day reading a good book and then headed off for my show at 9pm. It went good, am happy with that.

Walked up to the GB library bar for late night chit chat and who did I see but the tall Mr Theakston yet again…this time I shuffled past in case he thought I was stalking him.

“Janey” he shouted and waved my flyer at me. I was worried as Karen Koren was in ear shot and would have thought I had just flyered him ( that’s so bad as my venue is the Underbelly and NOT GB) and I hadn’t, he still had the same flyer from day time.
“Tell me what crime it says you committed on this flyer” he demanded as I walked over to him. So I did, I explained that last year I forged a will to get free from police after being caught with serious amount of weapons and explosives in our old house.

He laughed and we chatted about comedy and stuff, then Simon Fanshawe came and shook my hand and explained he LOVED my show and had brought along the widow of John Smith MP and she too had a fab time!

I don’t drink and decided time to go home and finish that book (how rock and roll am I?).

Murder Accusation Update…
Him-“Yes I did it…go tell the police and have me arrested”
Me-“Did you?”
Him-“No, but I am bored with your questions!”_