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07 July 2005

Life in London

London is my second home, this is true. I awoke this morning to the horrifying news that London had been attacked. My first thoughts was for my best mate Monica, she travels the length and breadth of the Capital daily due to her job as a restaurant PR. My nerves jangled as her phone-which is always ON and NEVER off-blankly refused to be answered.

After a 20 minute wait she called me back. Alive and well.

Thank goodness, I love her too much to live with knowledge of any pain she may have suffered. She is like my sister.

I am lucky, there is many many sad people tonight.

I sit here in my safe wee flat in Glasgow, last week I was worried about how to apologise to the people I unintentionally hurt by writing about them in my book- the people’s lives I had invaded and paraded through the pages of what I saw and know as the truth from my eyes.

Well maybe today is the best day to say sorry, tragedy like this makes me realise we might never get the chance to say sorry or to say I love you.

This sounds very ponitficated and sentimental…but it’s just how I feel.

I am in Manchester tomorrow to do comedy, I am London next week to do my Edinburgh previews and nothing will stop me. I have to live how I like and enjoy the freedom we do have in the UK. There is many mothers tonight in Iraq, scared to send their kids to the shops or to prayers…in case they die or get shot on the way. This is the world we live in.

I sat and watched the horror unfold on the news today, so I called my niece and got her to bring her two wee kids Abi and Shawn to come to me and we packed a picnic and headed for the beach. Ashley was busy working, but I had fun watching my baby niece Abi clap with delight at the shores of Loch Lomond and rip off her ‘candles’ as she calls them- ‘sandals’ as we call them and totter with chubby fat feet chasing after a duck.

The duck ran ten steps to every two of hers and the wee girl could not understand why it would not come to her beckoning. I watched her wee face crease with frustration, she threw her arms up and shouted ‘duck’ ‘duck’, yet this wee feathered creature ran off faster until finally it took flight.

Abi gave up and finally shouted ‘bye duck’ and turned her attention to her pack of sushi and sat with her brother.

I love the kids and wonder where the world will be when that cute baby is a mother herself. I hope it’s as exciting, frightening, wonderful yet safe.

Coz that’s the world I like._