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11 June 2005

Jude Law and crying Irish women

The show is still selling well, i am still getting nervous but am doing the show as well as can be expected. I love acting. The nerves are easing, I am so buzzing getting to the theatre. I love Soho.

Ashley and I went for after show drinks at The Groucho Club. The place was pretty quiet but I noticed that in the corner Jude Law was sitting and his pretty girlfriend Sienna Miller came in after her performance of ‘As You Like It’ at some big West End Theatre.

The place got busier and Ashley and I sat quietly watching the ‘un-famous’ trying to sneak nearer and nearer to the Jude Law/Jonny Vaughn/Sienna Miller/Ben Chaplin table….it was fucking really shameful. We giggled and sat chatting about life/men/cash/jobs and any other shit that came into our wee Scottish heads. Thats what we do.

Ashley came out of the toilet and I watched her hug this woman I did not know, I was surprised as I did not recognise the person and yet she was very touchy and huggy with her. Then I watched as the woman took her over to the ‘Famous’ table and introduced her to Jude Law and gang.

I sat quiet as I watched Ashley chat animatedly to the people, they were smiling and chatting back.

She came over and told me the story of what happened.

She was in the loo and the young dark haired Irish woman started getting upset and told Ashley that she felt fat and ugly and was very insecure. Ashley (being Ashley) hugged her and told her that no-one should hurt themselves and they must always believe in themselves and never put themselves down. The young woman was so moved by her offer of friendship and spontaneous affection that begged Ashley to come meet her friends.

The friends were ‘The Famous People’ including the Irish guy who was the lead in ‘Queer as Folk’ (Ashley was once in love with him). He was the Irish womans husband.

Anway after the woman said “This is a girl who chatted to me in the loo and told me to believe in myself when I got a bit upset, she took time to talk to me and hug me”

Ashley looked at them all smile and said “Nice to meet you all but she was really upset in the toilets and you guys should be supporting her more, it’s not right that a stranger has to comfort her when you are her best mates, please try to be more helpful when someone is very insecure about their self image, she is beautiful and I think she needs to hear that more”

So my daughter gave a pep talk on postive action and self awareness to an Oscar Nominee a Bafta winner, a skinny blonde -famous -for -fucking -Jude law girl and one small dark haired Irish woman who needed a hug.

Great….I love it when she does that. When I told her I was scared to go on stage incase I died on my fat ass…..she giigled and said “Yeah well…them’s the breaks”_