What's new with Janey
28 May 2005


Had a good lunch and chat with my oldest ( she is not old) but longest lasting pal Janette, we have been pals since we were five years old!

Anway as usual we chat -we eat- we laugh, she organises me, she snaps at me for having a messy handbag, she questions my diary and dates and then reassures me all will be well with the book/play/comedy and whatever I need reassurances on!

I love her. Nothing has changed since we were small kids. She is boss and thats it!

We walked down Sauchiehall Street and wandered into WH Smiths the book shop. There on the shelf is MY BOOK! Yes staring at me- I was shocked! I know it’s not supposed to be released until June 2nd, so I stop the passing manager and ask him

me-“Excuse me the release date for this is June 2nd, can you explain why it’s out now?”

man-“How do you know?”

me-“I wrote it”

man-“Really? Well we get an early release on it as there must be a deal with the publishers, anyway can you please sign some copies and we can sell them as ‘Signed by Author'”

me-“Ok then, get me a pen”

Of course Janette had one already in her hand poised, I quickly signed some books and watched as people waited for me to sign them so they could buy them!

Janette had a camera in her bag and took some pics of the book display and took some pictures of me signing books!

What a day, i am very excited and am now addicted to going into book shops to look at it on the shelf._