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18 May 2005

Sex and life

Yes I know montonjon my blog buddy does get annoyed when I mention ‘SEX’ in the title then it appears to have none in the content.

So here goes and I hope my lovely step mum is not reading this-(she keeps telling me she isn’t BUT i suspect she is).

I have had four people now read my book and all are aghast at the sex scenes involved. I know and I know it’s difficult to read, as the sex scenes involve me being abused as a child. The good news is- that it is only a small part of the book-in fact a VERY small part, and my pals who have read this book tell me the rest of the book makes you smile/cry/laugh aloud/shocks/page-flick/astound and think….this cannot be a bad thing eh?

(I know my happy bloggers-not quite the sex content you expected!)

But trust me I am off to play Leicester Jongleurs for three nights and on Monday I am in London having lunch with Observer people -I have no time for sex right now.

Though that doesn’t stop me from bringing along that now infamous big black man that lives inside my head! He keeps me busy-thnak God for my imagination.

Healthwise i am feeling very tired and have strangely enough ‘cracked and bleeding heels’ I think this is a result of wearing flat uncushioned summer flappy sandals that are letting my feet bang hard on the ground as I walk with no support-Holy Fuck…I am talking about support sandals and support shoes…I am old. It’s official, soon I will need special fitting surgical shoes and special pants and special bra’s to hold up my saggy boobs and body.

I am off to through myself off a bridge.

Only yesterday I bought myself lovely underwear and was happy about the shape they give me and the colours were great (pink and acid green!) now I need support tights.

The stress is getting a bit better, I can see how to time manage myself throughout the Soho theater run and do the book launch and rehearse, I have good pals around me and good people who help.

I have gave Ashley a set fee to let her use on an extra publicity strategy and she has come up trumps by designing a tee shirt and getting a great deal from a local trader!

it says on it


and on the back



I am hoping it all goes well. Must go heels hurt and probably as I speak my womb is slowly falling down, my kidney’s will be failing and my hair will be getting grey by the minute._