What's new with Janey
13 May 2005

Home at last

Am so glad to be home, husband picked me up at airport. Took me up to near the Campsie hills, the sun was bright and I loved the heat on my back as husband and I sat outside our fav pub on benches facing the Scottish hills.

I had to make a list of all the things I need to get done. Like, who else to invite to Glasgow book launch, book flat for London ( got info from Martin about a great one that has a fucking swimming pool beneath it!) I want that one! Need to also book flights for Ashley and I, there is many many more ‘Things I need to get done’. Stressed but getting there.

Am doing an adaptation with a journalist on Monday for the book release. Apparently they want a pic of me and can I please wear a skirt? Wot the fuck?

Mind you I wore a skirt at the midwives conference and there was only four men amongst 810 women and I got chatted up! Yes that’s a 0.05 chance with those odds of getting a ‘come on’ and I got it. He was well sexy and really tall ( I find that really sexy-love tall men) anyway he offered to walk me to the hotel.

him-“You were really good up there, can I walk you to your hotel?”

me-“I am old and not funny off stage, I talk too much and that shit about me being good in bed but crap at making soup is a big lie that I make up to make people laugh, also i have really sore period pains, unless you are coming with me to boil a kettle -make me tea and spend two hours giving me a professional scalp massage, then tell me all about your gay affairs, I have no interest in being with you”

sexy tall man-” I am not gay sorry, but I can rub your scalp providing it’s near your thighs!”

me-“Fuck you ever delivering a baby if you think my scalp is near my crotch!”

We both laughed and I watched as he walked off. He got to the end of the corridor looked back and smiled.

Aw how nice….that’s good for the ego.

Funnily enough I never had my usual ‘Hotel Nightmare Sleep’ maybe that’s the key, I need to get chatted up by cute young men? Worth the research I say!

Am hoping weather stays good we are off to the beach tomorrow for our usual day of fun, picnic and having mock sarcastic fights that make Ashley and I laugh aloud but make husband all odd and stressed as he hates Ashley even saying the word ‘ASS’ (thats technically a swear word he says).

I still have not read the book.

Monica has called me six times today to tell me she loved the book…but why had I never told her some new detail she found out about me!

She now knows everything about me and can go on Mastermind and her specialist subject can be -ME! Janey Godley in the years 1962 till 1994.

Just downloaded Faith Evans…fucking great music so love it._