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05 May 2005

Award winning blog quoted in the press

I took a photo of my daughter holding her first ever voting card outside the Polling station. It was nice, I am so glad I have got her this far and she is ok and realtively normal.

Every birthday I used to smile and say “Look I got her to seven and I havent’ broken her yet, she is still alive”

We had make to make a conscious solid decision not to laugh and make a mockery of the procession as my husband knew would do something attention seeking, thats who we are-my daughter and I.

As we walked into the big school where the voting was taking place, we had to pass a gauntlet of canvassers, all vying for our vote. Some of the guys were well fit and cute. As Ashley approached she smiled and said “I will vote for the your party if you give me a sexy twirl”

One guy actually twirrled.

I laughed as we walked in to our registrar. As we stood in line I saw a big board with all the parties and candidates clearly displayed.

Ashley gasped and blurted “Pope…it’s says the POPE are we voting for a new Pope?”

I laughed aloud, there was a candidate called POPE representing some party. I started giggling and Ashley was trying to not laugh as the wee stern, stiff wool, tweedy, speccy lady was checking her name.

Husband glared at us, I snorted through my nose, Ashley burst out laughing as she tried to walk straight to the wooden booth….I finally composed myself to get my name checked and be passed my voting slip. As I stood at the shelf with pen in hand I heard Ashley say from the booth at the end “If white smoke comes out of my booth then you will know I have voted Pope”

The people in charge of the polling station hushed us down saying “No talking and shouting in here please”

That made me laugh even more, I thought my kidney was going to implode.

After we left we walked round to the supermarket.

Now I am addicted to Ben and Jerry’s cookie ice cream sandwich. I was dreaming about eating one last night, the two fat crumbly cookies are chocked full of chips and the creamy vanilla ice cream inside is just sexual…what can I say?

I walked into the shop and headed straight for the chest freezer up the back. My eyes scanned the boxes of ice cream’s but no familiar Ben and Jerry’s ice cream box. I had a pain in my chest, there has to be a fucking Ben and Jerry’s sandwich here or i will kill.

My eye’s caught sight of the plastic wrapper, well at least the corner of the wrapper. It was right at the very back hiding behind a box of Wall’s lollies. I leaned right over and tried hard to reach the wrapper with my finger tips, I was just too short. My boobs were now being crushed into my ribcage as I tip toed up and over and pushed my upper body further over the side to reach. The chest freezer is backed up against a wall with an overhead cupboard freezer above.

My arm, now extended to its full, dropped into the back and then my whole body up ended and I fell head first into the freezer, my legs dangling over the side and tits now crushed into Carte D’or chocolate swirl. I got the sandwich!

I had to be helped out of the frezzer by the wee guy who works there, I was shameless indeed, I had no embaressment, I was overjoyed to have my fingers round my ice cream.

I need to get more into my life!

Good news is that yesterdays comments on my blog about Gordon Brown are to be published in ‘The Scotsman’ newpaper tomorrow. This blog has attracted press attention and I was proud to tell them it won Journal Of The Week on Bravenet who host my website and blog (although it is copied and placed on eight other blogsites)

Thanks for everyone who voted for me and enabled me to get that prize.

I hope everyone else who voted in UK today get what they wish for._