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02 May 2005

Girl Heaven

Does anyone here ever recall being worried about their skin or bodyshape at age 10? Not me, I was wearing cheap nylon trousers, a nasty tee shirt and uncombed curly hair. I never thought once to check my skin for oily or dry patches.

Gleneagles Spa in Scotland does ‘Spa days’ for girls from aged five upwards. Last year it gave more than 250 manicures and makeovers to children from five to 16.

When I was a child, a ‘Makeover’ was when the nit nurse covered your scalp in Esoderme to fumigate my bugs; she also applied liberal amounts of Genitian Violet (A bright vivid purple solution used to kill bacteria) all over my cold sores.

I had shiny chemically treated stinky hair and a purple mouth. I stood out from the crowd and my makeover was complete.

I find it weird that mothers are encouraging young girls to treat and de-stress their under matured skin! A manicure for a young girl maybe considered ok, as it will teach them to look after their nails, but not for any girl under fourteen surely!

There is a shop in Glasgow called ‘Girl Heaven’, I passed the front of the shop last weekend and there was a small crowd outside. Mother’s and father’s were applauding as small girls as young as six, were fully made up with lipstick, dressed in short bikini tops and skirts as they danced in tune to “Bootylicious”.
The small hips rocked, their skinny arms flailing, lips pouting as they spun run to the crowd, aided by the ‘Girl Heaven’ staff who had coached them after applying the make-up as part of their weekend ‘Girly’ promotion.

Am I wrong to be horrified?

There were other people watching this display, men and women who passed by had stopped and took in the show. Were they paedophiles? Were they innocent people watching innocent girls dancing to sexy music? I have no idea, but I did feel very uncomfortable watching this display.

I wish we could embrace childhood, accept that wee girls and boys are happy to be dirty and badly dressed. They don’t need eyeliner or hair gel, they are happy to be togged out in jeans and wellies.
You just have to look at Brooklyn Beckham to see how ridiculous a child appears when dressed in a three piece suit and a cravat!

What small boy needs tweeds and a smoking jacket?
What little girl needs to know how to make her lips look fuller?_