What's new with Janey
21 April 2005

Sunny Days

Weather is sunny in Glasgow today, what a difference!

I finally got mail today, I think our postman has died and in his place they have given us a geriatric asthmatic donkey with an attitude problem and aversion to handling paper. We can go four days without a letter then get eleven at once all with dates that are usually five or six days old!

I have finally got my second part of my advance payment from Random/Ebury publishers. It is only three months late. There is a reason for this. My literary agent is about as functional as my postman.

I was directed to her by someone as I did have a publishing deal but NO agent to do it for me. I had the book commissioned all I needed was someone to broker the deal-how easy was that?

She was nice at first and then she has proved to be very incompetent, never answering calls and when I once flew to London to ask her for a copy of my contract, she refused to see me and told me to sit in a cafe in Soho and she would send an office assistant round with it!

Subsequently when my second payment was due in December, she never asnwered any of my calls to get it sorted, so I spoke to the publishers myself and hinted that they send ME the cheque direct and let my very unavailable agent invoice me for her ‘cut’ and I would send it after a few ignored phone calls!

Weirdly enough when she got wind of that SHE EMAILED ME IMMEDIATELY!

Anway so I have the cheque, I smiled and opened the next letter which was my VISA bill and then I stopped smiling as that just cancels out my book cheque…lovely.

I am hoping this book sells well as I have over spent a wee bit and hate worrying about cash, failing that I will sell Ashley on Ebay, she may fetch a few pennies?

My best mate Monica who lives in London has had the busiest week ever, she does PR and management for restaurants and chef’s.

Her main client is Heston Bluemental and he just won “The Best Restaurant in the World!”

I mean you cant get any better than that! He is a THREE Michelin star chef and this latest award means his cooking and menu and restaurant beat EVERY single other restaurant in world, he is officially superior to all those chef’s on TV ‘Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and the rest.

Monica has been dealing with world wide TV and press all week and has no time to talk as Heston is being feted around the globe, well done to him and well done to my pal, if he is the best chef in the world she is the best PR!

I am off to to work out how much I will get for Ashley on Ebay._