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11 April 2005

BBC writers and lamps.

Monday, April 11th 2005

My alarm woke me up early, forgot I had a meeting with comedy producer Gary up at BBC Scotland! I realised that a quick shower would be the thing, although if I wet my hair it will go mad curly..Dilema dilemma…then I decided curly mad hair is fine, it’s a comedy producer I am going to meet and all clowns have curly hair!

He will just think I am the original clown.

The sunshine burst through my living room curtains but I am now accustomed to- sunny yet cold Glasgow- finally after all these years living here!

The meeting went well and I am excited about the new projects I am about to embark on.

Went over to Oran Mor afterwards for some tea and a bacon bap.

The place was so bloody busy then I remembered Robbie Coltrane is performing there today in a play by Peter McDougall. Oran Mor has a big theatre space in the downstairs area. I have watched a good few plays there. Anyway the place was heaving so I snuck round to the whisky bar. It is an awesome building; it was and still is I suppose a big majestic church that houses two theatre spaces a whisky bar, restaurant, a brasserie and conservatory restaurant. There is amazing paintings on the walls by the artist Alasdair Gray and the architecture is breathtaking.

I sat in the whisky bar sipping tea and met William McIlvanney the Scottish novelist and poet. He is a great writing inspiration to me and we chatted about books and stuff for a while, he is such a lovely gentleman and is looking forward to reading my book! Can you believe that? I am so chuffed like you cannot believe!

I walked home smiling in the warm sunshine (yes sunshine and warmth, how crazy is that? Soon it will be sunshine and snow like normal!) So there I was sauntering up the road with my big jacket draped around my arm.

When I got into the hallway for my flats, I saw a big black fancy spotlight lamp stood there near the steps and I remembered that last night when I went out for milk at midnight, I saw a big lamp in a skip truck in the street waiting to be collected as rubbish, I liked it so I climbed into the skip and pulled it out and brought it home.

It was really heavy so I managed to get it into the hall way and plugged it in, it worked! Then I switched it off then on again and BLEW the fucking bulb! (I am Electra!!, I blow out bulbs just by switching them on all the time, I have blown three this week at home!) I am so fucking mad, it worked and I broke it.

Anyway it is downstairs for husband to get bulbs for and to bring upstairs. He sighed when I told him and he asked me to stop climbing into rubbish skips and dragging things out and bringing them home.

(In Liverpool last week I climbed into a skip in Lime St and found two nice picture frames).

I can’t help it, I hate waste._