What's new with Janey
07 April 2005


Overslept again, Ashley was up early to go to work and I recall smiling at her and falling back to sleep, then woke up at 1pm!

Watched a Meryl Streep film ‘Manchurian Candidate’ all about rich people who implant the Presidential candidate so they can control him. Made me wonder who the fuck implanted Blair ‘There is no weapons, we can find no weapons, hey Fuck it lets invade!’
Ashley hates watching Meryl Streep as during the Fringe two years ago her son was in a theatre group at the Underbelly in a show called ‘St Fatso’s Lament’.

Ashley was helping out in the PR office ( I still never got reviewed despite my child helping out, only took four fringe appearances for me to get reviewed and then finally last year I got fourteen or something!)

ANYWAY I digress, Ashley was told that Meryl Streep was in the venue watching her son’s show and the Scottish press were crawling all over the place. Ashley was told to go find Meryl Streep and a get a wee press quote and pic of her in the Underbelly. Ashley was under stress as Aaron Barshack had just called an impromptu press call and Ashley was on her own and all the press crew were at the Perrier Lunch. Sixteen years old, hormonal, too hot, tired hungry, flustered and trying to find chairs to accomodate BBC, Sky News and Radio stations en masse with Aaron throwing a strop and Meryl Streep sneaking through the crowds.

She hunted high and low and could not find the woman and she didnt want to be overly intrusive and wait outside the room her son was in, so she went to the loo for a ciggie and sat there quite upset as she failed her task.

Then she walked briskly through the venue asking a few people in the queue, she stopped a tall blonde middle aged woman and man and said “Have you see that woman …erm foget her name, I think she was in a film where she boiled a bunny…erm..Glen Close?”

The woman smiled and answered “No not lately” and smiled as Ashley thanked her and moved on.
It was only later that she discovered it was not Glen Close but Meryl Streep she was supposed to be looking for and did not know it was Meryl Streep she had spoke to!
How we laughed.

Ashley did meet her later in the toilets and quietly apologised for her mistake, Meryl smiled and assured her it was fine and she told Ashley she hoped she was enjoying being at the Fringe as much as her son Henry was. How nice, what a star!
I have no place to make fun of her, I am the woman who asked Russell Crow to show me his cock!
And yes….he did._